Our love for North Carolina inspired us to open a boutique store dedicated to Carolina-made products and art pieces. When customers come into our store, they’re greeted by our friendly staff and surrounded by a beautiful supply of jewelry, furniture, wine, and more. Whether tourists are visiting for the very first time or familiar faces are popping in to say hello, everyone can expect to find some trinkets and treats to take home with them.

Now we are bringing some of our inventory available for purchase online! So stop in and see us in person, or shop here at your convenience.

Thank you -- with love from Heart of Carolina

Why Choose Us?

Heart of Carolina took 'Made in USA' a step further. We are 100% made in North Carolina!

This women and veteran owned store is the perfect choice for shopping

Tired of shopping outside of the USA? Now you have us. 

Proud to also collect and donate to Make A Wish

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Mary Smith
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We are located downtown Wilmington NC, in the Historic District

At The Cotton Exchange

Heart of Carolina

350 Nutt St, Wilmington NC 28401